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Titre : STRATI 2013

Sous titre : First International Congress on Stratigraphy At the Cutting Edge of Stratigraphy

Auteurs : Rogerio Rocha , Joao Pais , Jose Carlos Kullberg , Stanley Finney

Description : The 1st International Congress on Stratigraphy (STRATI 2013), hold in Lisbon, 1–7 July 2013, follows the decision to internationalize the conferences previously organized by the French Committee of Stratigraphy (STRATI), the last one of which was held in Paris in 2010. Thus, the congress possesses both the momentum gained from an established conference event and the excitement of being the first International Congress on Stratigraphy. It is held under the auspices of the International Commission on Stratigraphy (IUGS) and it is envisaged that this first congress will lead to others being held in the future. This book includes all papers accepted for oral or poster presentation at the 1st International Congress on Stratigraphy. Papers include a short abstract, main text, figures, tables and references. Each paper has been reviewed by two internationally renowned scientists.

Nombre de pages : 1335

Catégorie : Science

Type : BOOK

Langue : en

Editeur : Springer

Date de publication : 2014-04-23

ISBN 10 : 9783319043647

ISBN 13 : 3319043641

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