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Titre : Object Modeling with the OCL

Sous titre : The Rationale Behind the Object Constraint Language

Auteurs : Tony Clark , Jos Warmer

Description : This volume, dedicated to Bernd Silbermann on his sixtieth birthday, collects research articles on Toeplitz matrices and singular integral equations written by leading area experts. The subjects of the contributions include Banach algebraic methods, Toeplitz determinants and random matrix theory, Fredholm theory and numerical analysis for singular integral equations, and efficient algorithms for linear systems with structured matrices, and reflect Bernd Silbermann's broad spectrum of research interests. The volume also contains a biographical essay and a list of publications. The book is addressed to a wide audience in the mathematical and engineering sciences. The articles are carefully written and are accessible to motivated readers with basic knowledge in functional analysis and operator theory.

Nombre de pages : 279

Catégorie : Business & Economics

Type : BOOK

Langue : en

Editeur : Springer Science & Business Media

Date de publication : 2002-02-27

ISBN 10 : 9783540431695

ISBN 13 : 3540431691

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