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Titre : XML and Relational Databases Mediation Automation

Auteurs : Hossam Aldin Jumaa

Description : XML has rapidly emerged as a de facto standard for data exchange among modern information systems. It offers simple and flexible means to exchange data among applications. In the meanwhile, relational databases are still the most used data storage technology in almost all information systems because of their unique features of scalability, reliability and performance. Thus, a crucial issue in the data management is to bring together the flexibility of the XML model for data exchange and the performance of the relational model for data storage and retrieval. However, the automation of bi-directional data exchange between the two remains a challenging task. In this dissertation, we present a novel mediation approach to automate data exchange between XML and relational data sources independently of the adopted data structures in the two data models. We first propose a generic mediation framework for the data exchange between any XML document and any existing relational database. The architecture of our proposed framework is based on the development of generic components, which will ease the setup of specific interfaces adapted to any XML source and any target relational database. The mediator components are independent of any application domain, and need to be customized only once for each couple of source and target data storage formats. Hence, our mediator provides automatic and coherent updates of any relational database from any data embedded in XML documents. It also allows to retrieve data from any relational database and to publish them into XML documents (or messages) structured according to a requested interchange format. The transformation from a Relational Model to XML represents a main key component of the proposed mediator. Thus, we proposed a methodology and devised two algorithms to efficiently and automatically transform the relational schema of a relational database management system into an XML schema. Our transformation methodology preserves the integrity constraints of the relational schema and avoids any data redundancy. It has been designed in order to preserve the hierarchical representation of the relational schema, which is particularly important for the generation of correct SQL updates and queries in the proposed mediation framework. Another key component is the automation of the SQL generation. Therefore, we devised a generic methodology and algorithms to automate the SQL queries generation that are required to update or retrieve data to/from the relational databases. Our proposed framework has been successfully applied and tested in the healthcare domain between an XML representation of SCP-ECG, an open format ISO standard communications protocol embedding bio-signals and related metadata, and an European relational reference model including these data. The mediation automation is especially relevant in this field where electrocardiograms (ECG) are the main investigation for the detection of cardiovascular diseases, and need to be quickly and transparently exchanged between health systems, in particular emergency, whereas the SCP-ECG protocol has numerous legacy implementations since most of the sections and of the data fields are not mandatory.

Nombre de pages : 133

Type : BOOK

Langue : en

Date de publication : 2010

ISBN 10 : OCLC:800804132

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