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Titre : Changing Images in Mathematics

Sous titre : From the French Revolution to the New Millennium

Auteurs : Umberto Bottazzini , Amy Dahan-Dalmédico

Description : This book focuses on some of the major developments in the history of contemporary (19th and 20th century) mathematics as seen in the broader context of the development of science and culture. Avoiding technicalities, it displays the breadth of contrasting images of mathematics favoured by different countries, schools and historical movements, showing how the conception and practice of mathematics changed over time depending on the cultural and national context. Thus it provides an original perspective for embracing the richness and variety inherent in the development of mathematics. Attention is paid to the interaction of mathematics with themes whose proper treatment have been neglected by the traditional historiography of the discipline, such as the relationship between mathematics, statistics and medicine.

Nombre de pages : 305

Catégorie : Mathematics

Type : BOOK

Langue : en

Editeur : Psychology Press

Date de publication : 2001

ISBN 10 : 0415271185

ISBN 13 : 9780415271189

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